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ContractStore is a leading supplier of online legal documents.  Founded in 2002 by Giles Dixon, a solicitor specialising in construction law, ContractStore has over 300 contract templates that can be downloaded from its website.  These cover a wide range of domestic and international business transactions, and the company has thousands of satisfied customers in England and around the World.


All ContractStore’s documents are written in plain English and come with detailed explanatory notes.  Published in MS Word, the documents are easy to download and complete.


In recent years Giles Dixon and ContractStore have worked with Self-Build Zone to develop a collection of contracts suitable for home owners and self-builders.  These include forms for the appointment of professional consultants as well as builders, trade contractors and suppliers – in other words, the key relationships that need proper contract documentation on any building project.


These templates can now be bought and downloaded directly from the Self-Build Zone website.

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