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Structural Warranty

  • The surveyors are highly qualified and experienced individuals used to working with self-build projects.


Why do I need a Structural Warranty?
A Structural Warranty will protect you and subsequent owners from defects in the building work which may appear after completion. Apart from the peace of mind you gain with the Self-Build Structural Warranty, it is possible that your lender may require it as part of their lending criteria. Also, if your circumstances change and you need to sell the property in the next 10 years you may find that your buyer’s lender will also ask to see a Structural Warranty for the building before they release any money. This product has the advantage over an architect's certificate which is only an extension of the architect's professional indemnity insurance, requiring you to prove negligence. Our policy is a 'prime' policy covering you for 10 years. 

Summary of Cover

The Insurers will indemnify the policy holder against all claims discovered and notified to the underwriter during the period of insurance in respect of :

  • The cost of complete or partial rebuilding or rectifying work to the husing uit which has been affected by major damage attributable to a defect in the design, workmanship or materials, provided always that the liability of the insurers do not exceed the reasonable cost of rebuilding each housing unit to its original specification.

  • Our Structural Warranty cover is for a eriod of 10 years.

  • The cost of making good any defect in the design, workmanship or material in the drainage system which was newly constructed by the builder in connection with the housing unit and for which the policy holder is responsible.

  • The necessary and reasonable costs incurred in repairing, replacing or rectifying any part of the waterproof envelope within the housing unit as a result of ingress of water caused by a defect in design, workmanship, materials or components or the waterproofing elements of the housing unit.

  • The cost of repairing or making good any defects in the chimneys and flues of the housing unit causing an imminent danger to the health and safety of occupants.

Technical Audit Surveyors
A network of independent partnered surveyors (all qualified and have a minimum of five years expereince) are used to carry out Technical Audit surveys.


For more information and to obtain a quote even if you have already started or completed your build then please call us on 0818 22 20 40, Monay to Friday between 9am and 5pm.


10-Year Structural Warranty

The Self-Build Zone 10-Year Structural Warranty provides cover for defects in the property which come to light after completion of the build. Our Structural Warranty is designed for new build and conversions properties and is backed by an 'A' rated insurer.

The warranty has been designed with you in mind. We know the problems you face and the speed with which you want to get moving, so all these things were taken in to account at the development stage.

The project will be audited during the course of construction by a surveyor appointed from our panel of partnered surveyors to ensure it complies with planning and building regulations as well as the requirements of the warranty provider. When the project has been completed satisfactorily a final certificate will be issued and you will receive a comprehensive 10-Year Structural Warranty which is fully transferable to any successor in title.

Our Technical Audit process has many advantages:

  • You have a nominated surveyor looking after your project from start to finish with whom you will be able communicate freely during the build process.

  • A plan check is carried out by the surveyor. If there are any problems with the plan check or any of the site visits, these will be highlighted in a report to allow issues to be resolved before the build progresses any further.


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